In the current legal arrangement of labour law in Slovakia, with significant employee protection, the organization of labour relations is a key issue for every employer.

Labour law

Legal consultancy provided by the law firm KubalaLegal on labour law matters includes:

  • detailed examination and assessment of client/company documents which regulate labour relations and its subsequent ordering in accordance with current labour legislation,
  • preparation and updating of standard employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside an employment relationship, agreements on material responsibility and other legal relations regulating relations between employers and employees,
  • assistance in the preparation of specific internal documentation of an enterprise for employees – internal rules, procedures for assessing employee performance, work schedule, organizational structure, etc.,
  • the sending of employees abroad,
  • staff leasing or outsourcing,
  • preparation of warnings and alerts connected to violation of work discipline, unsatisfactory performance of work tasks and provision of related recommendations,
  • preparation of resignation letters, agreements on termination of employment, immediate termination of employment, notification of termination of employment during the probation period,
  • representation in court proceedings and extrajudicial disputes and negotiations with employees,
  • consultancy on labour relations issues under organizational changes and others.
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