Immigration law is one of the main areas of specialization of the law firm KubalaLegal.

Immigration law

For several years now we have helped our clients – foreigners from the third-party countries – with obtaining or extending a residence permit, including a permanent residence permit , especially for the purpose of business, re-unification of a family, employment or for studying. Immigration law within the legal order of the Slovak Republic is a very specific branch of law that requires precision, professionalism, expert legal knowledge, experience and a solid background.

Members of our law firm possess all of these mentioned skills, and when providing legal services, they offer our clients:

  • complex legal advice in all the spheres of immigration law of the Slovak Republic and European Union,
  • processing of legal analysis connected with performing business activities or the employment of the foreigners from the third-party countries within the Slovak Republic and the European Union,
  • preparation of all documentation required to obtain a temporary or permanent residence permit in the Slovak Republic,
  • professional assistance of an attorney in opening a bank account in the Slovak Republic,
  • personal support by a member of KubalaLegal at the department of the immigration police when applying for a temporary residence permit and when meeting additional requirements of the immigration police related to the procedure for obtaining a residence permit (for example, obtaining information and recording a protocol on the conditions for carrying out business activities in the Slovak Republic),
  • legal representation of a client's interests during the entire process of issuing a temporary/permanent residence permit,
  • consultations and support when satisfying the necessary conditions after the registration of a residence permit (providing medical examination and obtaining the necessary medical reports, assistance in obtaining medical insurance in the Slovak Republic, etc.),
  • the entry of a foreigner or his company into a commercial/trade register in connection with a temporary residence permit granted for the purpose of business (thanks to a guaranteed electronic signature, our customers have a 50% discount on certain administrative and legal expenses),
  • picking up a residence permit document,
  • a comprehensive representation of the client's interests in the appeal process in the case of rejection of an application for obtaining a residence permit,
  • founding a company and obtaining all the permits required for business activities in the territory of Slovak Republic,
  • provision of official translations of all foreign documents into the Slovak language,
  • assistance in obtaining visas to enter the territory of the Slovak Republic.
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