Everyday life creates the conditions for the emergence of a great many civil-legal relations.

Civil Law

Everyday life creates the conditions for the emergence of a great many civil-legal relations, which include, for example, obligations connected with causing damage or claims made when demanding compensation, relations associated with marriage, divorce and parental rights, the abolishing or settling of undivided property co-owned by spouses or shared ownership, rights falling under the branch of the inheritance law, relations connected with ownership or rental of the real estate etc..

And in this diverse area of legal relations, we provide our clients with professional consulting and representation in both judicial and extrajudicial procedures, with our activities are focused primarily on:

  • preparation, legal assessment and analysis of civil law contracts,
  • recognition of rights concerning liability for damage caused, recovering claims for compensation for damage and loss of profits,
  • the abolishing and settlement of undivided property co-owned by spouses and shared ownership of movable and immovable property in court proceedings or extrajudicial transactions,
  • representation of heirs and creditors in hereditary proceedings,
  • registration of trademarks and representation in the Department of Industrial Property of the Slovak Republic,
  • legal services related to the protection of persons (the settlement of rights from unlawful restriction of personal rights in accordance with the Civil Code and the Law on the Mass Media),
  • representation of the client's interests in debt collection in a court case or out-of-court negotiations, and representation in the executory proceedings,
  • creation and registration of subjects of civil law (public associations, foundations, non-profit organizations that provide general services, etc.), changes in these entities,
  • representation of clients' interests in litigation and arbitration proceedings.
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