KubalaLegal, s.r.o., is a team of lawyers in which the vigour and new ideas of young lawyers are combined with the experience and prudence of their older colleagues.


The firm’s main philosophy is the delivery of complex, highly qualified legal services, oriented especially on the individual needs of every client. Unfortunately, the inefficiency of other subjects is an everyday reality and wasted time means wasted money.

In searching for the optimal solution for our clients, we rely, above all, on our deep legal knowledge and experience in different spheres of the law, while at the same time we cooperate directly in our office with professional consultants on accounting and taxation; thereby, we can evaluate risks and provide complex solutions. Thus, our clients receive complex services and highly qualified consultations “all under one roof”.

Members of the office:

JUDr. Jozef KUBALA, PhD.

Lawyer / Partner

Mgr. Ivo PILIP

Lawyer trainee

Jaroslav POĽAŠKO

Special adviser

email: polasko@kubalalegal.eu


Law assistant

email: palfiova@kubalalegal.eu

Contact us

+421 915 05 99 33 office@kubalalegal.eu